UNREDACTED — Orrrr... did my WIFE really just get angry at me about my business partner?

Re: If I am wrong then tell me but I have explained how you have wronged me badly.
You are wrong, and you should not have left me as your husband. Please explain, because the reasoning of dissertation is wrong.

Kelly is my Partner in Business. Maritza is my Partner in Marriage. They are both important to me. They are both adults. What you have done is wrong, and your assumptions about my business relationship with Anne are stupid, ignorant like a child who cannot understand the greater contextualization.

  • You and I argue, but I very clearly told you that even if we have an argument, I will respect you and demand that you remain in safety. So long as you feel it is “wrong” for me to identify and coordinate with my business partner, then you clearly haver no idea about the psychopathological reasoning under my process.

I love you Maritza, for you are my wife. You will NOT insult my brethren, those whom I’ve established a process. If you don’t consent with my choice to protect K as if she were my reflection or little sister, that’s your problem. But, we are married, and you will not reject me for your idiocracy of assumptions.

  • Anne is a nice person, but she’s just not adjusted to running ops in collusion with me. I regard your disrespect of her as a disrespect of me, and I’ve provided you an easier qualifier to consider, as in the fact that I have failed as a father, and will do whatever I really need to prevent her son from losing his parent, and becoming a shadow.

I love you, and I need you back as a RESPECTFUL EQUAL. Your walking out rather than reaching a verbally reasonable understanding is wrong, for to me it equates that you never grew up past your point of trauma in ’87. And so thusly are reasonably construed as nothing more than an underage child.

  • You disrespected my manhood.

    • You disrespected my reasoning and judgement. I need you home with me, but I need my wife to be acting as a 50-year-old wife, not like a 14-year-old child.

  • You disrespected my calculations.

    • I planned to reasonably roll with the situation of K not being able to understand my machinations, as that would take over a decade, and I’ve only known her for 2+ years.

  • I want my wife home as my 50-year-old complement for strength, not as my 15-year-old sequel edition.

    • We must understand and recognize, in order to overcome our disorderliness. Just grow up and act like the mature adult you are.

I’m Cc'ng Anne because she’s evidently part of me. If you don’t like me, then that is your choice, Maritza. If you don’t accept her as my Business Partner, if you try to leave me because I am concerned about the health and welfare of my Business Partner, then that clearly indicates that you don’t trust me, because you think incorrectly about our agreement as a team, Isaac & Kelly.

To close this, please return immediately to your husband. Unless of course, you’re with somebody whom you can manipulate to provide and care for you as you’re away from your husband. Right?

There was a segue from August 24th, 2023 which culminates on or before February 19th, 2024.

  • Enjoy the ride, as I feel the pain of incongruous relationships.


Let it burn.