Letter from Dustin McKnight

Hello friends and fellow Yahoos, I wanna talk to you today about masks. Love em or hate them they become a part of our everyday life and that's OK. what's not OK is the people looking down on others, criticizing others for not wearing one. We've all heard stories or seen 1st hand people being shamed and called selfish for not wearing a mask. We've all heard the lines too 'wearing a mask protects others' or 'wearing masks saves lives'. If that's what you want to believe then fill your boots, I totally respect your choice why can you not respect my choice not to wear one?

short story: I worked very hard for literally half my life for a construction company and became a successful supervisor making a $100,000 a year with a company truck and other benefits enter covid- 19, we shut down to help flatten the curve for 7 weeks and were eventually called back to work with new covid health and safety policies including a daily questionnaire, temperature checks and social distancing measures. then I started to see people at work wearing masks, no big deal it's their choice.
Then my boss approached me and said that masks were going to be mandatory in certain circumstances, not even proper respirator masks like and 95, no heavy cotton masks.
I voiced my concerns of hypercapnia and hypoxia not to mention the mask moistened your breath by your breath being held against your mouth and nose being a petri dish for bacteria.Only to be told it's all fake news and the masks were not only perfectly healthy but are required by law!
I asked them to cite this law and was told to look it up myself. I was then harassed shamed and coerced for 45 minutes being asked why I would be so ignorant put others in such danger and that the mask is no big deal.


then they said would you submit to a covid test. I said no, because I am not sick and have no reason to take a test they said it's no big deal, just a cotton swab.


long story short this company decided to make an example of me to anyone who dared have a critical thought about the arbitrary social distancing GUIDELINES and fired me on the spot. 15 years of my blood sweat and tears went into making this company millions of dollars every year just to be told that I don't have a choice and that my opinion doesn't matter.

It gets better, i picked up my roe. It says i was a laborer not supervisor and i was laid off due to lack of work. Its construction. This is the busy season.

All because Doug Ford has the audacity to stand behind his podium and say that businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone who doesn't wear a mask.
this is the systematic destruction of our rights and freedoms happening right before our eyes. wearing a mask is a MEDICAL DECISION not just a fashion accessory as some might suggest. You can't let anyone tell you that you don't have a choice or that your opinion doesn't matter.

DAMN RIGHT it matters!

Because if we don't stand up for our rights who will? what kind of world are we gonna leave our children?
one where there are saddled with 75% income tax while they wait in bread lines for useless scraps to survive on void of choice and freedom?
Or a world where they watched their parents stand up for what's right and fight against tyranny wherever it may show its ugly face?
My kids will never ask me why I never fought for their future our freedoms are too easily given up and so very hard to get back.