Doug 'Broke Ontario' Ford

There's nothing here yet, please give me time. Generally going to write a snarky post about the fact that Ford campaigned on the promise that he will ensure Ontario is Open For Business, but right now the province is going further into debt because of his #FearPorn addiction.

Wake the fuck up, Premier. As of now, your legacy is that you BROKE Ontario, and not because you sat your cheesecake-eating ass down on it, but because you sat and let YOUR province be hijacked by a concerted act of medical tyranny seeded by the #OperationMockingbird media.

Welcome to fascism, fucker;
There is one way to deal with traitorous shit like you and your
"Let them eat cake" brethren.


Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 12/28/2020 - 18:37
yay --- pharma / elite lapdogs --- Criminal Treason -- Ford+ Tory +Tam +
satanic despots ... we RISE against - no Vax -any / ever... No Surveil free born humans -
throw the Bums out ( oops all elections cancel / rigged ) .. so toss'em in Lake Ontario, they may Repent - Repay - we all Learn spirit is God given, Gov wants to steal / dehumanize .. ya we learn from this debacle .. Ya?