GoFundMe EXPOSED for taking money from Big Pharma to de-platform vaccine skeptics

(Natural News) It was recently announced that the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has begun purging all users from its site who attempt to raise money for causes that in any way call into question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. And as to be expected, this censorship push is being driven by Big Pharma, which has effectively slithered its tentacles into GoFundMe’s leadership structure.

GoFundMe spokesman Bobby Whithorne now claims that campaigns that try to raise money for people who’ve been injured by vaccines, for instance, are somehow promoting “misinformation about vaccines” that “violate[s] GoFundMe’s terms of service,” and thus must be removed. And who’s behind these terms of service? Big Pharma, of course!

As it turns out, GoFundMe was acquired for $600 million back in 2015 by an investment group known as Accel Partners, which just so happens to also be heavily invested in the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, because fundraising campaigns that draw attention to the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines directly impact a major segment of Accel’s portfolio, these campaigns must be stopped – freedom of speech be damned!

“Information skeptical to vaccinations could hold back a multi-billion dollar industry so personal liberty must be curtailed to protect Big Pharma’s bottom line,” writes Shane Trejo for Big League Politics.

“With more and more Americans being targeted by Big Brother, expect other dissident activists rallying against the political establishment to be targeted with Orwellian crackdowns in the future,” he adds.

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If it weren’t for Accel, fascist Facebook wouldn’t even exist

Speaking of Orwellian crackdowns, social media giant Facebook has adopted similar censorship policies that involve removing all content from the company’s platform that question vaccine industry corruption, vaccine ingredients, and other “untouchable” vaccine topics.

And wouldn’t you know it? Accel Partners is behind this as well – but at a much deeper level. You see, fascist Facebook wouldn’t even exist were it not for Accel, as the company, back in 2004, infused a $13 million “rocket,” to quote the words of Jon Rappoport, who published an in-depth analysis of how Facebook was launched and propped up to the position it’s in today.

As it turns out, funding for Facebook, and now GoFundMe, can actually be traced back even further beyond just Big Pharma and Accel, as the venture capitalists higher up the pyramid actually hail from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

That’s right: the CIA, via its In-Q-Tel startup, would seem to be the reason why anti-First Amendment tech giants like GoFundMe and Facebook have amassed the near-absolute power and control over online free speech that they now maintain.

“In-Q-Tel was founded in 1999, with the express purpose of funding companies that could develop technology the CIA would use to ‘gather data,'” Rappoport writes.

Rappoport names a few important names, including Jim Breyer, the founder and CEO of Accel Partners and Breyer Capital, another venture capitalist group. Breyer was also on the board of the National Venture Capital Association of America (NVCA), along with Gilman Louie, the first CEO of In-Q-Tel.

Louie later worked for Breyer at a company called BBN Technologies, alongside a woman named Dr. Anita Jones, another insider at In-Q-Tel who also happened to be an adviser at DARPA, which is the technology department at the Pentagon responsible for creating the internet as we know it today.

“The company is too important as a data-mining asset of the intelligence community to let it fall into disrepair and chaos,” Rappoport contends about the future of Facebook, and presumably also GoFundMe.

“The CIA and its cutouts will save it and gain more power over it,” he adds. “It’s what they’ve wanted all along.”

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